Interview BLYND (english)

- Hello Blynd, and thank you for answering our questions

Hello! Thank you for having us and congratulations on your website!

-So first of all, could you introduce yourselves and tell us more about the band for those you don’t know you yet ?

We are a melodic death/thrash metal band from Cyprus. We have been around since 2003, but it’s only during the last couple of years that we have started taking it to the next level and have had great things happening to us!  We released our first full length “THE ENEMY” in 2010, followed by the Legions Tour Fest where we were SODOM’s main support, then immediately started working on our second album, PUNISHMENT UNFOLDS through PITCHBLACK RECORDS. We took a small break from that to open for CHILDREN OF BODOM and to play BLOODSTOCK Festival (next to names such as MACHINE HEAD, BEHEMOTH, TESTAMENT, ALICE COOPER), and upon release we set off on a European tour with CRADLE OF FILTH, GOD SEED and ROTTING CHRIST. The album has been doing exceptionally well with great reviews, and even entered the BURRN magazine charts in Japan. Now we have a couple of home shows, and then we are off to play METAL DAYS festival in Slovenia.

-How would you describe Cyprus’s metal scene nowadays?

It’s definitely gone up in quality. We are a small island, but there is some great music coming out. I would suggest checking out PITCHBLACK record’s compilation of Cypriot bands that just came out. As for bigger international acts, we are pulling in some good names – even had  Iced Earth film their latest live DVD here, which was an honour.

-You’re back from a European tour with Cradle of Filth, God Seed and Rotting Christ. How was it for you, did you had positive responses?

To be honest, it was a gamble going on a black metal tour playing the music that we play. Nevertheless, the gamble paid off. It was an incredible tour, we were having great reactions every night, made a lot of new fans and sold a very good amount of merchandise, which meant people were really impressed with what we were doing.  We are humble guys with great stage energy, we really enjoy what we are doing, and the fans pick up on that.

-So far you played one concert in France, are there any chances of you coming back?

France is a beautiful country with an incredible metal scene, so it’s definitely a destination we have in mind for the near future. Keep an eye out for us!

-You released two albums so far, is a third album planed?

Of course! We already started working on some initial ideas, and we will go into pre-production in the summer. The momentum of the past couple of years makes us even hungrier to make new music and join new tours. Details will be made available soon.

-What are your influences ?

Too many to list. We listen to a broad range of music and although it is impossible not to take queues from our some bands, we don’t try to imitate or emulate what they are doing. That is what makes our music appeal to a wider audience.

-You played the entrance of Children of Bodom, tell us more about it.

Well, COB is definitely one of the bands on the list above! We have been fans since the late 90’s, so to share the stage with them was an honour. It was in our home city as well, so it was a party for everyone.

-What is, if there is one, your favorite French band ?

None other than the great GOJIRA! We are all huge fans, and our drummer is actually friends with them. It seems that France has been putting out some outstanding “outside the box” metal lately – listen to the stuff Trepalium is doing, it’s simply incredible.

-Something to say to Metal Cunt readers ?

Unfortunately, this interview is done on the day of the loss of SLAYER’s Jeff Hanneman, so our closing words could not have been about anything else. We have lost one of the people responsible for metal music being alive to this day. A great guitarist, an outstanding songwriter and a true  influence. Metal music however lives on through the fans, such as the Metal Cunt readers, and for this, just like Dio, Dimebag and all those we have lost, he is immortal. So drink up, be proud, and keep your metal horns up!

-Thank you again for answering our questions, we wish you the best for the future, and hope to see you soon !

The pleasure is ours, we appreciate this opportunity. You will definitely be hearing from us soon!

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